• Patient Family Advisory Council

  • St. Anthony Summit Medical Center invites you to become a PFAC Member.

    At St. Anthony Summit Medical Center we believe the very best patient experience comes from caring for  the whole person including their support system.  That’s why we are committed to continual examining the care we provide from every angle and why we are recruiting civic minded past patients and family members to provide their unique perspective on our Patient Family Advisory Council.

    What is a Patient and Family Advisory Council?

    A Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC) partners patients and families with members of the healthcare team to provide guidance on how to improve the patient and family experience. As part of this PFAC process, patients and families are invited to serve on hospital committees to ensure that the consumer’s point of view, perspective, and experience are not only heard, but also integrated into the service and quality improvements that are engineered to ensure high-quality, customer-centered care. Through their unique perspectives, they give input on issues that impact care, ensuring that the next patient or family member’s journey is easier.

    Benefits of a Patient and Family Advisory Council?

    • Enhance the patient centered care environment at the hospital
    • Provides collaboration between providers, patients and caregivers for better management of chronic conditions and improved adherence to treatment regimens.
    • Service care coordination that meets the consumer needs and priorities
    • Provides a learning environment to understand the challenges of the healthcare environment

    Who can become a St. Anthony Summit Medical Center Patient and Family Advisory Council member?

    Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC) helps promote patient and family centered values, activities and policies throughout Summit Medical Center as a council member.

    • Current or former patients, family members or primary caregivers of a current or former patient
    • Hospital associates
    • People who are enthusiastic about the health care system’s mission of excellence, quality, safety,  community focus and customer satisfaction
    • People who have a desire to make a positive difference for other patients and families

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