• Mitzie Hawkins

  • It's no wonder that Mitzie is an active volunteer at the hospital and in the community.  She attended college on an educational scholarship where she was a member of the Phi Beta Kappa sorority, had leadership responsibilities and worked on various projects in the dormitory.  She and her husband Lex have one son, which led to Mitzie putting her career as a teacher on hold following his birth.  During that time, Mitzie became a very active and involved community volunteer.  She served on the Cancer Society board, led the fund drive for the Art Center, was a member of the PTA all during their son's school years, and worked on nearly every fundraising project that Des Moines had to offer at that time.  She has been a member of the foundation board since its inception and served on the heARTbeat of the Summit organizing committee in 2007.  In addition to the foundation, Mitzie is also active with the Mountain Art Gathering and the Keystone Science School.  Mitzie splits her time between Summit County and Arizona.  She and Lex have one granddaughter.

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