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    ThinkFirst is a nationally recognized, locally supported, award-winning public education injury prevention program that targets children and young adults in Summit and Park Counties. 

    The ThinkFirst mission statement is "ThinkFirst: Leading injury prevention through education, research and policy."  ThinkFirst promotes a fun-filled, exciting life of sports and adventure without hurting yourself if you just "ThinkFirst" and use your mind to protect your body.

    Trauma continues to be the leading killer of young people. More than 22,000 children under the age of 20 will die of injuries each year, and approximately 600,000 children are seen in emergency rooms. An additional 30,000 suffer permanent disabilities as a result of injuries. An overwhelming majority of these injuries are preventable. 

    ThinkFirst was founded by America's neurosurgeons in an effort to decrease unintentional injury--the leading cause of childhood death and disability. Our local ThinkFirst chapter is proud to provide comprehensive educational services based upon the "use your mind to protect your body" message.

    For more information about our program, please contact Holly Adnan, ThinkFirst Coordinator at hollyadnan@centura.org or Kelley Lau, ThinkFirst Coordinator at kelleylau@centura.org .

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