• Breast Density

  • Women with dense breast tissue face a significantly higher risk of breast cancer.

    Here's why you will want to talk with your doctor about your breast density.

    • Breast density (the ratio of fatty vs. glandular/fibrous tissue) as confirmed by mammography, is recognized as a strong and independent risk factor for breast cancer.
    • Women with dense breast tissue have a 4-6 times higher [1] risk of developing breast cancer than women with minimal fibroglandular tissue in their breasts.
    • A 2011 Mayo Clinic study found that, in women with dense breast tissue, 75% of cancer is missed by mammography alone.

    The American Cancer Society now advises women with extremely dense breast tissue to talk with their doctors about more definitive imaging. With 3D mammography, Summit Medical Center can provide women with dense breast tissue the next-level imaging they need.

    Studies show some 46% [2] of all women have breast density in category 3 or 4.

    Breast Density 1 to 4 Chart

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