• Breast Surgical Care

  • Breast surgeon, Dr. Jodi Chambers specializes in a wide range of breast cancer surgeries. She works with a patient's entire medical team to determine the best individual treatment plan.
  • Jodi Chambers, MD, FACS

    Dr. Jodi ChambersDr. Jodi Chambers is a Denver native with extensive medical experience and surgical expertise. Dr. Chambers specializes in the surgical management of breast diseases such as breast cancer and monitoring patients at high risk. She served as Chief Medical Officer at St. Anthony Hospital and as Director of Trauma Services at both St. Anthony Central and Littleton Adventist Hospital prior to dedicating her surgical practice to breast disease management. When it comes to her patients, Dr. Chambers believes that understanding one’s options is the key to making treatment decisions that are right for each individual.

  • To schedule an appointment or if you have referral questions, please call: 720-321-8100

    Prior to your appointment please download and complete the following forms:

    Breast surgeons work closely with the patient's entire breast cancer treatment team to offer an individualized treatment plan which may include:

    • Diagnosis of benign lesions
    • Evaluation of high-risk patients, including those with family history and genetic mutation
    • Diagnosis and treatment of high-risk lesions
    • Counseling of risk reduction modalities
    • Excisional biopsy for diagnosis
    • Breast conservation and partial mastectomy surgery
    • Skin-sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomy
    • Modified radical mastectomy
    • Bilateral mastectomy
    • Prophylactic mastectomy for breast cancer prevention
    • Mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction surgery
    • Sentinel lymph node biopsy
    • Axillary lymph node dissection
    • Radiation therapy, including whole breast and partial breast radiation
    • Chemotherapy
    • Endocrine therapy
    • Genetics evaluation
    • Lymphedema evaluation and treatment
    • Nutrition counseling
    • Clinical trials of investigational medicine and procedures
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