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    Breathe easier knowing that leading ear, nose and throat surgeons are here for you. 

    Dr. Mawn - Aspen Ridge ENT

    Aspen Ridge ENT specializes in providing medical and surgical care to adult and pediatric patients with ear, nose and throat-related issues. A full-service ENT practice, our specialized physicians are trained to effectively treat and manage a wide variety of otolaryngology-related conditions including ongoing sinus infections, allergies, voice and swallowing disorders, hearing loss, ailments requiring facial reconstruction surgery, balance issues, and various other disorders of the head and neck.

    ENT Specialists in Summit County

    • Dr. Richard Goble has proudly provided comprehensive care to his patients for more than 30 years. While on active duty with the United States Navy, he served as Chief of Otolaryngology - Maxillofacial Trauma during Operation Desert Storm. Learn more about Dr. Goble.
    • Dr. Christopher Mawn has received numerous accolades for his compassion and his bedside manner at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center because he truly is at the top of his game. He's a leading Ear, Nose and Throat Physician, a Board-Certified Surgeon and also one of the leading facial plastic surgeons serving both children and adults alike. In addition he offers balloon sinuplasty for patients suffering with chronic sinusitis. Learn more about Dr. Mawn.

    If you have been plagued with ear infections, nasal or sinus problems, need skin cancer treatment of the head or neck or require thyroid surgery, our surgeons are an excellent choice.

    *Aspen Ridge ENT is owned and operated by Centura Health Physician Group.

  • Meet Dr. Goble

    Richard Goble, MD is a board certified otolaryngologist.

  • Appointments and Information

    • To schedule an appointment with Dr. Goble or our other specialists please call: 970-668-6330.
    • To learn more about our comprehensive ENT services please visit Aspen Ridge ENT.

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