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    St. Anthony Summit Medical Center works with the excellent therapists from Avalanche Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation in areas of Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy.  This group of passionate orthopedic-trained therapists will provide you with the inpatient Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy that you need.  The Physical Therapist (PT), Occupational Therapists (OT) and Speech Language Pathologists (ST), specialize in you and address your individual needs for rehabilitation after surgery or during your stay with us.  Your rehabilitation is one of the major components of a successful outcome once the surgery is completed.  

    Physical Therapy - improves the patient's overall rehabilitation and mobility

    Occupational Therapy - works with the patient on activities of daily living

    Speech Therapy - assists the patient with swallowing and speech after a cervical procedure, if necessary
    Our specially trained therapists are ready to guide you in returning to your activities of daily living and improving your function.  The therapist will work with you to reduce pain, increase motion, increase function, and increase strength. However, our main goal is to help you return to your independent life and functional daily activities as quickly and safely as possible. 
    The therapists at Avalanche Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation are available to answer your questions, prior to your surgery at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center. Our therapists wish you a safe and speedy recovery following your surgery with our world-renowned orthopedic surgeons from Vail-Summit Orthopaedics and Steadman-Hawkins Clinic.
    If you need to reach a therapist in your area, call one of the Avalanche Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation clinics at:
    Breckenridge Office
    Buena Vista Office
    Frisco Office
    970-668-6980 - hospital
    970-668-0888 - outpatient

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