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Allan Schutt MD

A resident of Frisco since 1994, Dr. Schutt is a retired Medical Oncologist.  He had a 30 year career in Rochester, Minnesota where he served as an Associate Professor of Oncology at the Mayo Medical School and a consultant in Medical Oncology at the Mayo Clinic.  Allan has served on the foundation board since its inception and was a member of the Flight For Life Campaign Cabinet.  He serves on the Summit County Community Care Clinic board, is a member of the Summit County Rotary Club, the Program Chair for Tale Spinners and a nine year Copper Mountain Ambassador volunteer.  He holds a part-time position as Medical Auditor for the Cancer Trials Support Unit, a program supported by the National Cancer Institute.  Allan's interests include skiing, tennis, travel, reading and wine collecting.  Allan and his wife Marcia, a retired OR nurse and current volunteer at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center, have three sons and five grandchildren.

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