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PreHospital Services / EMT Training

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The care a patient receives before reaching the hospital can make all the difference in his or her long-term outcome. Recognizing the important contribution emergency medical technicians (EMTs) make to patient care, St. Anthony Central Hospital offered its first EMT Basic program in 1973. In 1974, it established the nation's first EMT Paramedic Academy.

Today, thousands of St. Anthony Paramedic Academy graduates are at work worldwide, assisting the ill and the injured. The St. Anthony Hospitals program is one of the most intensive in the nation. The 20 students enrolled in each academy class serve more than 200 hours in the hospital and a minimum of 500 hours in the field.  Most will log nearly 1500 hours of service prior to graduation.

In addition to training paramedic students, St. Anthony Hospital also offers Initial EMT-Basic training, IV/MAST (military anti-shock trousers) training, the EMT-Basic refresher course, and other emergency medicine courses. For more information on EMT training at St. Anthony Hospitals, call the PreHospital office at 303-629-3975 or 1-800-393-6321. Be sure to visit us at  St. Anthony EMS website.

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