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Fundraising Campaigns

Serving mountain communities with a commitment to care.

Following the completion of the Digital Mammography fundraising campaign late last year, the foundation board of directors has turned its attention to address a variety of capital and programmatic needs at the hospital and in the community. A comprehensive plan has been developed that will guide the foundation in its fundraising efforts over the next few years.

This is a "living" plan that includes the ability to be modified and adjusted over time in response to the ever changing needs of the hospital. In some cases, the foundation's goal is to provide support for the total cost of the program while in other instances, partial funding support may be more appropriate.

Fundraising Campaigns include: 

  • Greatest Needs
  • Women’s Health Services
  • The Birth Center
  • Centering Pregnancy Program
  • Injury Prevention
    • Safe Kids
    • ThinkFirst
  • Summit Cardiology Program
  • Flight For Life Colorado – Summit County
  • Scholarship Programs
    • Summit High School
    • Colorado Mountain College Nursing Program
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program (SANE)
  • International Mission - Rwanda Orthopaedic Clubfoot Project
  • Traumatic Brain Injury Program
  • Capital Equipment
  • Patient Financial Assistance
  • Employee Financial Assistance

This list, by no means, addresses all of the health care needs at the hospital or in the community. The Summit Medical Center Health Foundation is dedicated to raising and allocating philanthropic funds, primarily for the hospital's programs and services that benefit the underserved, the elderly and the community. Our focus is on areas and issues that enhance the hospital's mission but do not fall within the normal parameters of the hospital or its budget. Contributions to support these programs are gladly accepted at any time.

Please contact Deb Edwards, President & Chief Development Officer, for more information on giving and fundraising opportunities at 970-668-6906 or


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