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Other Fundraising Opportunities

Additional fundraising opportunites are available and need your support. Summit Medical Center Health Foundation works with St. Anthony Summit Medical Center to provide funding for these very important programs and emergency medical clinics. Your support will continue to make a vast difference in the lives of those we serve. Only with your help are we able to offer: 

  • Breastfeeding Progam - Providing lactation support, education to new mothers, promoting optimal nutrition and health for women and their newborns.
  • Community Wellness Program - The foundation supports a major goal of our hospital to promote healthy lifestyles for Summit County residents. We sponsor the High Altitude Wellness Series through a variety of presentations from health care personnel on various diseases and injuries, as well as methods to prevent and heal.
  • Mountain Clinics - Offering emergency services and family medicine to our rural neighbors in Granby, Copper Mountain,Breckenridge and Keystone.
  • Greatest Needs - Unrestricted contributions will be used for the hospital's greatest needs each year as defined by the hospital administrators and medical staff. These gifts allow the greatest flexibility in responding to the ever-changing needs of the hospital.
  • General Endowment Fund - The foundation board has identified the need to raise unrestricted gifts to the General Endowment Fund of the foundation for its long-term future and success. Income from the endowment will be used to support needed projects and programs at the hospital and in the community on an annual basis. Ten percent of all gifts donated to the Summit Medical Center Health Foundation will be allocated to the Endowment Fund.

 Please contact Deb Edwards, President & Chief Development Officer, for more information on giving and fundraising opportunities.

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