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Trauma Services/Flight For Life Colorado

Shelly Almroth, RN, BSN, CEN, Director of Trauma Services

Shelly is a registered nurse who has worked at St. Anthony Summit Medical Center since 1992. Graduated from Regis University, she has nearly 30 years experience as an RN, most of which is critical care. She worked as a traveling nurse for many years before coming to St. Anthony Summit Medical Center. Additionally, she is a car seat technician and has worked volunteer Ski Patrol at both Copper Mountain and Keystone Ski Resorts. Shelly is the chairperson for the Central Mountains SAFE KIDS Board; serves on the EMS Board and serves on the RETAC council.

About the Department:

The Trauma Service at SASMC is staffed by 4 RN’s and an EMT-P EMS Coordinator. Our trauma service continues to be one of the busiest level III trauma facilities in the State of Colorado. Our trauma service conducts injury prevention, helmet fittings, and two of our staff members are car seat technicians. The department conducts Injury prevention in our schools and at public events, as well as provides child passenger education to the community depending on what type of population it needs to be addressed to. We are also the group that provides special event coverage. We assist with Ride the Rockies, Avon Breast Cancer walk, SAFE SUMMER Kickoff and the USA Pro Cycling Challenge. Some of our staff are TNCC/ENPC instructors and are proud to have a rigorous Quality Improvement program."

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